The Explorer collection contains authentic travel cloth from lightweight tropical weaves to fabrics woven from specially spun high twist yarns. The superior construction of these fabrics combined with yarn twist produces a crisp dry handle, ideal for travel suits and hot climates. Wool is a naturally resilient fibre which allows the fabric to retain its shape and also offers moisture wicking and temperature regulation properties in humid conditions.

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27066 Khaki Green and Red Medium Herringbone Sun Cloth

27065 Khaki Green and Red Narrow Herringbone Sun Cloth

27064 Khaki Green and Red Plain Sun Cloth

27063 Navy Plain

27063 Midnight Blue Plain

27062 Black Plain

27061 Charcoal Grey Plain

27060 Dark Grey Plain

27059 Mid Grey Plain

27058 Light Grey Plain

27057 Navy/Purple Stripe

27056 Charcoal Grey/Orange Stripe

27055 Air Force Blue Hairline

27054 Charcoal Hairline

27053 Dark Navy Chalk Stripe

27052 Dark Grey Chalk Stripe

27051 Black & White Puppytooth

27050 Black and White Glencheck with Yellow Overcheck

27049 Navy Blue Plain

27048 Black Plain

27047 Dark Grey Plain

27046 Mid Grey Plain

27045 Black/Blue Dice Check

27044 Black/Grey Dice Check

27043 Bright Blue Stitch Stripe

27042 Navy Stitch Stripe

27041 Dark Grey Stitch Stripe

27040 Blue Two-tone Plain

27039 Dark Chocolate Plain

27038 Chocolate Plain

27037 Sand Plain

27036 Fawn Plain

27036 Fawn Plain

27035 Airforce Blue Plain

27034 Navy Blue Plain

27034 Navy Blue Plain

27033 Midnight Plain

27032 Black Plain

27031 Dark Grey Plain

27031 Charcoal Grey Plain

27030 Light Grey Plain

27029 Silver/Grey Plain

27029 Light Grey Plain

27028 Brown Glencheck

27027 Navy Blue Glencheck

27026 Charcoal Grey Glencheck

27025 Mid Grey Glencheck

27024 Black & White Glencheck

27023 Blue Bold Stripe

27022 Navy Bold Stripe

27021 Charcoal Bold Stripe

27020 Light Brown & Dark Brown Houndstooth

27019 Royal Blue & Black Houndstooth

27018 Navy Blue & Black Houndstooth

27017 Black & Mid Grey Houndstooth

27016 Light Grey & Black Houndstooth

27015 Black & White Houndstooth

27014 Navy Plain, Blue & Black Shadow Windowpane

27013 Light Grey Plain, Black & White Shadow Windowpane

27012 Brown/White Glencheck, Orange Windowpane

27011 Blue/Black Glencheck, Blue Windowpane

27010 Black/White Glencheck, Blue Windowpane

27009 Mid Brown, Orange Stripe

27008 Navy Blue, Mid Blue Stripe

27007 Mid Grey, Orange Stripe

27006 Navy/Black Glencheck, White Windowpane

27005 Grey Glencheck, White Windowpane

27004 Navy Blue Plaid Check

27003 Mid Grey Plaid Check

27002 Dark/Mid Brown Glencheck, Mid Blue Windowpane

27001 Navy Blue/Black Glencheck, Camel Windowpane

27000 Black/Grey Glencheck, Red Windowpane

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