Using a selection of both merino wool and cashmere we can offer a fine selection of overcoatings in a diverse range of yarn dyed colours and textures. Using some of the finest wool and cashmere carefully sourced from selected farms we are able to weave and finish a luxury capsule collection of overcoating in an optimal weight, offering a rich finish and firm handle.

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28006 Navy Blue Herringbone

28005 Dark Grey Herringbone

28004 Brown Herringbone

28003 Mid Grey Herringbone

28002 Oversize Mid Grey Glencheck

28001 Oversize Dark Grey Glencheck

28000 Oversize Navy Glencheck

18027 Navy Blue Cavalry Twill

18026 Black Cavalry Twill

18024 Grey Cavalry Twill

18006 Navy Blue Herringbone

18002 Navy Blue Plain

18001 Black Plain

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