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Celebrating 21 years of the rarest fibre in the world ‘Escorial Wool’

Rare & Luxurious Escorial Wool Celebrates 21st Anniversary.

‘Escorial wool’ has made a name throughout the world for producing luxury performance garments and this week in Paris the rare and luxurious brand will celebrate its 21st anniversary. The occasion will be marked by showcasing Escorial’s largest collection to date (Autumn/Winter 2019/2020)at the renowned fashion and textile show, Première Vision.

Escorial was founded in 1997 by New Zealander Peter Radford, to promote and protect a special type of wool from an authentic source that are direct descendants of the original Royal El Escorial flocks. The Escorial distinction is in the heart of the fibre, performing as a naturally coiled spring. It is this ‘bouncy’ attribute that delivers fluidity in the Escorial fabric making a lightweight garment of crease resistance and comfort with a remarkably soft touch.
Peter Radford discussing escorial

“Escorial is an extraordinary natural fibre,” says Radford. “I first discovered its unique attributes over forty years ago and since then my vision has never altered, to provide a customer with an exceptional performing product from a recognised source.
A group of escorial sheep

Escorial has an exclusive British manufacturing partnership with Joshua Ellis and Luxury Fabrics of Yorkshire UK, who design, weave and distribute Escorial fabrics and accessories worldwide. For tailors, the stock supported cut length service is available through Standeven under Luxury Fabrics Ltd.

Robert McQuillan, who has recently joined Escorial as the Global Sales Director is confident the Autumn/ Winter 19/20 Escorial collection will appeal to many with a design emphasis on capturing both British and Escorial heritage.
Robert McQuillan, Global Sales Director of Escorial

“Escorial is developing into a fantastic iconic brand and I am excited about promoting it globally and offering such a luxurious and vast collection,” says McQuillan.

The collection includes a wide selection of Escorial suiting’s, jacketing’s, blazers and coating’s beautifully styled in classic and contemporary looks. Featuring autumnal colours and classics covering rich grey tones, strong navy blues, deep olives, browns and reds. 4 ply and 6 ply yarns have been used to great effect offering drape, handle and incredible performance as well as 100% woollen spun yarns for the jackets and coatings.

The Escorial accessory collection has been inspired by New Zealand countryside, using melange colours with much clarity. There is a brushed muffler styled in country classics, a lightweight scarf with frayed fringe in a range of marbled plains and refined checks, and a brushed stole in neutral colours.

“Escorial has come a long way from when we launched it in Paris 21 years ago,” says Radford. “With the fantastic commitment from those involved we are all able to play our part in preserving a piece of history.”



Robert McQuillan
Escorial – Sales Director

Peter Radford
Escorial – CEO
New Zealand: +64 27 3144416


“In the fourteenth-century Spanish royalty took possession of a unique flock of sheep originating from the Maghreb in North Africa.

This flock became known as the Royal Escorial flock when in the sixteenth century King Phillip II built the El Escorial palace, overlooking the Escorial plains north-west of Madrid. It was here these small sheep were nurtured and protected, their soft fleeces producing the most exquisite fabrics of this era.

Today, Escorial is so rare, only to be found in small numbers, in Southern Australia and New Zealand. Naturally grown and carefully tended to.”

Escorial Brochure

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